The intrinsic link between the cosmos and human experience is one that cannot be overlooked. Learning of the ties that these two elements have will help you better understand yourself. Believe it or not, each of your fingers has a direct link to the planets and the universe. Adding rings to certain fingers amplify the energy of the planet and jazz up the waves of your aura.

What type of energy do you want to enhance and bring into your life? What do you want to bring to light and focus on in the days ahead?

Wearing rings adorns and enhances the personality of each finger. They accentuate the traits you wish to intensify. Make sure that the ring is beautiful to you, fits comfortably (too tight actually blocks the flow of energy). You can go a step further and check out various gemstones that will further magnify your intentions.

Because everything is connected, don’t pick your rings blindly anymore. Know that adding a ring to a specific finger will amplify the energy and the planet behind it. This is the multi-dimensional connection of the cosmos. The connection of microcosm with the macrocosm.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul...” ― Hermes Trismegistus


Strengh. Determination. Self-Reliance.

Directly connected to the planet Mars, the thumb holds a strong energy. This particular finger is one of the most powerful. It has strong ties to a person’s will power, determination, and how self-reliant they are. It is strong and, in many ways, it can take control of many of the hand’s chores. For that reason, it relates directly to Mars — the lone planet. The size and, indeed, the length of the thumb could give you an insight into how powerful a person is. When you are reading someone’s hand, you should take special note of their thumb. Simply put, the larger this particular finger is the more independent they will be.

Put a ring on it | When one wears a ring on the thumb, it adds will power and confidence to someone’s energy. Encourages results and success; action and the ability to think things through and get things done.


Knowledge. Prosperity. Expansion.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the index finger is linked with a thirst for knowledge. In some ways, it is the teacher and the leader of the mind. Just as you use this finger to point out directions, you will find that the finger leads you along new pathways and guides you.The index finger plays an important role in a person’s life. The stronger that this finger is, the more likely a person is to wish to learn more. Those who have long index fingers are inclined toward leadership and will allow those around them to become their followers.

Put a ring on it | When one wears a ring on the index finger, then it signifies that you are boosting up your confidence, self-esteem, and authority. Enhances leadership ability, influence, ambition. It’s how you project to the outside world.


Patience. Wisdom. Karma

The middle finger is connected to Saturn; Saturn is the lord of karma. The bigger planet of our so- lar system. Its energy gravitates around the task master, discernement and commitment. Think of the middle finger as a wise old man. Just as Saturn is strong and stable, this finger is the one that holds everything together. It conveys a message of intelligence, power, and strength. Usually, the middle finger is slightly longer than those around it. However, if you find that it is strikingly long, that could be a sign of strength in the individual. Those with a taller middle finger are likely to be unshakable. The world and people around them may move and change, but they remain the same in the center of all the chaos.

Put a ring on it | When one wears a ring on the middle finger, you are adding some juice to your self-analysis, beauty. It boosts self-esteem, integrity, responsibility.


Energy. Health. Vitality.

The ring finger is connected to the Sun; the Sun is the king. And who owns the jewels? The king, and so you put rings only on the ring finger. That’s why it’s called the ring finger. As we already know, the Sun takes a ruling position in our galaxy. It is the very thing that allows life to happen and, without it, we would certainly be lost. In the same way, the ring finger is the bringer of new life and love. It signifies passion, romance, and charm. For that reason, many experts believe that this finger can foretell a person’s love life ahead of time. When the ring finger is long and strong, it means that the individual is a passionate person. They find that they frequently fall in love with those around them and start new romances with people of interest. On the other hand, people with shorter ring fingers may struggle to connect with the people in their immediate social circle. They may find that they have to work harder to create lasting friendships and relationships.

Put a ring on it | When the ring is worn on the ring finger you amp up the energy of love, relationship, and creativity. Enhances your personal expression, style and appreciation of beauty.


Communication. Mental Power. Savy-ness

The little finger is connected to Mercury and is thhe smallest finger on the hand. It is the one that many may overlook. However, doing so would be a grave mistake. Connecting to the planet Mercury, the little finger is linked to communication, business, and a person’s ability to work well with others around them. Those with longer little fingers may find that they flourish in the professional sphere.

Put a ring on it | Wearing a ring on a little finger adds more magic to your intuition, quick intelligence, and boost your good communication. Improves all forms of communication. Empowers you to speak your truth.