Intuition is everything

About Karolin Van Loon

Just as the layered beauty of agate takes millions of years to form, a design does not simply spring from nowhere. Starting from the rawness of nature, I work with care and respect to create something valuable. There are no changes, only additions. Nevertheless, nothing is self-evident.

Finding the right combination demands dedication and practice, but there is no golden rule. As Andree Putman once said: “I have no recipe for how to combine things. But you must be sincere. And if you are, strangely, it will succeed.” This way of creating sharpens my intuition, and for me, is one of the most beautiful things to experience.

The natural resonance between people is also important in my work, as is each individual’s own unique identity. By bringing together our different worlds rather than replicating them, we create a new universe in which we strengthen one another.

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About Our Materials

It all starts with the people who mine the agate geodes. I visit the site, meet the workers and make a personal selection that fits with the fashion trends and my gut instinct. Time and time again, the earth offers up a fresh palette of colours and shapes. It is only here that my creative process can begin, and so I completely surrender myself to nature.

I keep the agate close to me and personally deliver it to the diamond studio in Antwerp. Right from the start, the workshop has supported my creative decision to combine the raw beauty of this stone with finished diamonds, and we interweave ideas to create an eye-catching piece of jewellery. For me, the contrast between the diamonds and the agate accurately reflects the two sides in every woman: soft and feminine on the one hand, and powerful and charismatic on the other.


    While I am working on my collection, I seek out connections with other creative souls. These collaborations arise and develop in a highly intuitive way. Together we set a tone which embodies my brand story, and which inspires and above all touches others.

    Because we follow a rhythm of our own – irrespective of fashion seasons – we grant ourselves the time and space to tell a pared-back story. This slowness is also an invitation to you to take your time when selecting a piece of jewellery. When you save up for a star in the heavens and one day have it in your hand, you will treasure it all the more and treat it with care.

    Of course, we face challenges just like everyone else. Every piece of jewellery is the result of a creative quest and pure craftsmanship in combination with the best materials and techniques. This quality comes at a price. A fair price, but I am aware that it does not immediately lie within reach. However, I would urge you from the bottom of my heart to buy fewer things with greater awareness.

  • This sounds simple on paper. Certainly at a time when the perfect lifestyle appears to be no more than a click away. But the experience of longing for, saving for, selecting and ultimately investing in that one special item will only enhance its worth. And because each piece is of the highest quality, it will stay beautiful for longer. Every day I remind myself of this.

    Imagine a ray of sunlight. It starts as a pinprick and slowly expands to become a golden glow that engulfs you entirely. I want you to experience that warm feeling when you treat yourself – or someone dear – to one of my pieces of jewellery. Or when you refine your look with my matching nail varnish, or brighten your interior with a beautiful object (yet to come). Because alongside my jewellery, my aim is to inspire you by translating the things that fascinate me into fashion, beauty and interior pieces.

    My intuition has already brought me so much that is beautiful. I hope that you too will cherish your gut instinct and dare to act upon it. This will not only bring you closer to yourself, but also to those people and things that truly make you whole.