My intuition has already brought me so much that is beautiful. I hope that you too will cherish your gut instinct and dare to act upon it. This will not only bring you closer to yourself, but also to those people and things that truly make you whole.

Because we follow a rhythm of our own – irrespective of fashion seasons – we grant ourselves the time and space to tell a pared-back story. This slowness is also an invitation to you to take your time when selecting a piece of jewellery. When you save up for a star in the heavens and one day have it in your hand, you will treasure it all the more and treat it with care.

All Natural Materials

Starting from the rawness of nature, we work with care and respect to create something valuable. There are no changes, only additions. Nevertheless, nothing is self-evident.

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Because alongside my jewellery, my aim is to inspire you by translating the things that fascinate me into fashion, beauty and interior pieces.

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Karolin's Favorites

For Karolin, the contrast between the diamonds and the agate accurately reflects the two sides in every woman: soft and feminine on the one hand, and powerful and charismatic on the other.

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