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Embrace, darkblue/blue

Embrace, darkblue/blue

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EMBRACE is the result of the cross-pollination between Karolin Van Loon’s out of the ordinary jewelry collection and the range of delicate sculptural objects and lighting Corinne van Havre produces under her label “Laloul”.

Details & Care

They used top grade agate slabs from Brazil. Agates are formed in rounded nodules, which are sliced open to bring out the internal pattern hidden in the stone. Most agates have a hollow void that often has crystalline quartz growths on its innermost layer. Agate is named after the Achates River in Sicily, Italy, whose upper waters were an ancient source of this gemstone.

The idea behind EMBRACE has as many angles as its 3-dimensional sculptural shape: a mutual appreciation for each other’s artisanship, a cultivation of a healthy potion of vanity, but above all, a warm manifesto to embrace the person whose reflection is portrayed by the mirror: your.own.true.self.

Mirror : 20 x 23 cm

Total width : 40 cm

Material : hand polished inox in silver colour

Handmade in Antwerp, only one piece available.

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