THALASSA pendants, light green

Mythos is a lyrical collection inspired by Greek myths and their enduring contemporary relevance, as described by Stephen Fry in his book of the same name. Karolin Van Loon has created ten jewels for ten goddesses.

The one-of-a-kind South Sea pearls in the collection allude to the myth of Aphrodite, who wept tears of joy –said to be pearls – when she emerged from the sea. Combined with the brand’s signature agate geodes and diamonds, each piece of jewellery acquires a unique look

For this collection, Karolin works with AAA-quality agate geodes, diamonds regulated by the Kimberley process, South Sea pearls and 18 carat rose gold

thalassa (pendants): the primordial ancient Greek goddess of the sea

Her name is immortalised in the Greek word for sea and is still on people’s lips today.

Including 'Alyssa' 18 ct rose gold chain, 70 cm with sliding ball system so you can wear it shorter too.

This 18 k rose gold, turquoise agate geode pendant, has 0.26 ct of dazzling diamonds.
This is the perfect gift for yourself or a special person!
The chain is included, pink gold, 50 cm and adjustable with a sliding ball system.

The stone (with diamonds) measurements : 1,6 x 2,4 cm

Only 1 available...

Our jewelry is made to be worn, they have to live your life with you.

There are however some recommendations to follow : avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes and remove your jewelry before bed and shower.

Avoid contact with salt sea water and never swim with them in a swimming pool.