ATLAS ring, green

Atlas is a beautiful ring, where the center agate geode draws your attention immediately. The detail of 6 diamonds in total makes it very elegant and precious.
18 ct rose gold, and gvs diamonds are used.
Size 51 but made by size.

Atlas as a boy's or girl's name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Atlas is "to carry". Atlas was a mythical Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, so the name bears connotations of great strength.

As well as the mythological connection, Atlas is a cool geographical word name – perfect for the child of parents who love traveling or who hail from different parts of the globe.

Why 3 diamonds on each site?

3 is the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartide nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters. It is human as body, soul and spirit.

3 diamonds next to each other has a deeply connection with positive energy and optimism. If you see 3 diamonds, you may expect a lot of success in the future. It is a symbol of wisdom and harmony and also considered a sign of creativity, communication, and self-expression.

Only 1 piece available.