Karolin Van Loon launches the Isola mirror in collaboration with the Spanish architecture and design firm Katty Schiebeck. Isola, however, is more than just a mirror. The design transcends functionality and is a true interior jewel, one that is both translucent but also reflects the light. Thanks to its beautiful pink hue, the geologically inspired shape and dreamy character, the mirror immediately catches the eye. 

Katty Schiebeck never focuses on one or even several materials, but likes to challenge herself. Isola’s foot is made of pink resin, a translucent material that, just like Karolin’s jewellery, creates a magical interplay of reflections and colours. The white platform is crafted in onyx and is the perfect place to display your jewellery or Karolin’s nail polishes.

Mirror diameter: 25 centimetres

Total height: 49 centimetres

Weight: 6 kilograms

Materials: onyx, resin and mirror glass

Limited availability